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Great location in the Vestfjorden!

In Lofoten, on the south side of Store-Molla, lies Lofotbrygga Brettesnes, with the Raftsundet, the Trollfjord, Svolvær and other sights and experiences nearby. Here we have five beautiful houses and apartments for rent. Whether you come for fishing, hiking in the mountains, scuba diving or simply to calm down and experiencing Lofoten - we welcome you to a great holiday

The Hosts

The hosts Geir Helland and Bodil Meland live there and are available for help and information. Geir Helland holds a navigator and has fished most of his working life. He has had its own fishing boats and work on speed and rescue boat. Today he runs the Lofoten wharf in addition to his passenger transport and the entry of Store Molla. Little winter fishing is also time, as winter 2016 it was invested in a Libra 33 fishing boat. This is a combination boat that can be used both for fishing and for retrieval of tourists.

Geir was born and raised on Brettesnes and know both the island and the waters well. As a small boy he was often visiting his grandparents in Sponvika. He and his grandfather was often out fishing and he was not old guy when he has the chance to earn their own money by cutting kids fishing down at the fish farm he now owns and operates as a tourist facility. As a young schoolboy he stood up early on the weekends to be with fishermen out to sea and it was quite natural for him to take a maritime education and have the ocean as a workplace.

Bodil Meland is raised further west of Lofoten, a small village where you have the ocean on one side and the mountains that rose to the south, east and west. The playground was the farm where they kept sheep, goats and cows and the steep mountains "wall", "man" and "Himmeltindene" which rises majestically above the village. She has knowledge of the North Norwegian culture and what Lofoten has to offer in terms of outdoor activities and cultural events. Bodil is a trained nurse, but now participates in the daily operations of the Lofoten wharf.

Brettesnes holiday was for Gary and Bodil, and most of the time they spent here. In 2009 they decided to move from Svolvær and up to Brettesnes, to a free and quieter life, where opportunities for fishing, hunting and hiking in the forest is right outside the "house door."

Your hosts Geir Helland and Bodil Meland


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Address: Lofotbrygga, Sponvika, NO-8322 Brettesnes, Norway
Tel: +47 (0) 76 07 17 19 / +47 (0) 90 11 08 92
E-mail: post@lofotbrygga.no

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