Deep sea and fresh water
in Lofoten

Sport fishing is our specialty whether in the sea or freshwater fishing.
We go so far as to be possible you successfully catch!

There are good conditions for the fish in Lofoten by Brettesnes. The Gulf Stream brings many fish species from the south, and arctic species migrate from the north. The most common fish species that are fished for cod, saithe, redfish, catfish, herring, bream, flounder, halibut, salmon and crab. The seals and killer whales are frequently observed in offshore Lofoten.

In the week before and after midsummer there are good opportunities for fishing for salmon. The fishermen in Lofoten use nets and traps for fishing. Each species has its season, but all can be caught all year round. The best time for cod fishing is March and April, and a week before and after midsummer is the best time to fish for salmon.

We would recommend you to rent a boat and go out to fish, and when you got caught, go ashore at one of the many beautiful beaches you will find both Lillemolla and Store Molla.På late summer / fall there are good opportunities to find both fungi and various bærsorter and you can light a fire on the beach and cook yourself a nice meal with what nature has to offer..

You wanna make your dream come true?
You wanna catch massive cod, huge coalies and heavy halibut? Then you are definitely right when spending your holiday at Lofotbrygga Brettesnes. Your host Geir Helland knows the best spots like no other on this part of Lofoten. The area is known for years as the best spot worldwide to catch massive cod in the winter and spring time.

When the small herring comes in huge coalfishes will follow and offerings good fights on light tackle equipment. Steady boats like the 23 feet Dolmøy-Boat offer lots of space and are the right partner when it comes to rough sea. The Vestfjorden offers all kind of species living in Norway. Big redfish, wolfish and haddock are often caught – even ling and tusk are real common in the deeper parts.

This place is easy to reach by the Lofotfastveien and it takes only a 2,5 hours drive from the airport Evenes to this spot where fishermens dreams come true.

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