Activities in Lofoten

Lofoten is an Eldorado for anyone who loves to be outside. No matter the weather and season, Lofoten offers fantastic nature experiences. With a base at Lofotbrygga on Brettesnes, you have many great opportunities close by


Hiking at Store Molla

A trip up to Sukkertoppen , located 703 ​​meters above sea level, will give you a spectacular experience. Up here is the Christ statue is a replica of his big brother, Christ the Redeemer, in Brazil. From the top you will have a great view and you can see the peaks Durmålstinden (927 m.), Steindal Tinden (1504 m.) located in Troms county. Hamtinden (464 m) and Heggedal Tinden (727 m), are also recommended hikes that will give you wonderful experiences and views.

Hiking at Lille Molla

Lillemolla is an island in Vågan municipality in Nordland. The island is located east of Svolvær, between Storemolla and Skrova. It has an area of 10 km ² . The highest point on the island is Nonstinden at 543 m. and the second highest mountain is Jumping Tinden at 530 m. There are many great paddling opportunities around Lille Molla, and with many fine sandy beaches and picturesque campsites can find their own peaceful paradise. If you have plenty of time, just get a longer hike over the island or up to Nonstinden or Jumping Mountain. A trip up to these peaks is quite an experience. Up on top you have great views and maybe you'll visit both eagles and golden eagles while sitting and enjoying the tranquility and views..

The island has previously been inhabited and even had a school in the 1800s, but the island is now long since vacated. Today Lillemolla actually the largest density of moose in relation to surface area and it is practiced hunting/management so that the moose population is not too large and moose pulls out of the area.


Just north of Storemolla we find the Trollfjorden, an inlet side of Raftsundet. Trollfjorden is known for its wild nature and fascinating history attached to Trollfjorden. Want to experience Trollfjorden you can either join a guided boat tour or rent a boat and customize your own experience of Raftsundet and Trollfjorden. The painter Gunnar Berg from Svolvær has perpetuated Trollfjorden. In the summer of 2019, a new mountain cabin between the Trollfjord and Sløverwaters was build. Build by Vesterålen Hiking Association, and can be hired by them.


Northern lights or aurora borealis has fascinated for centuries and have always been associated with myths and legends. It is possible to see the northern lights, or aurora borealis, which is the scientific name, between October and February. Although you can theoretically see the northern lights across the country, the light is stronger and more frequent in northern Norway.

Since the aurora often leave something to be desired, it is wise to set aside the whole evening. Since Northern Lights is a natural phenomenon that depends on specific meteorological conditions, there is no guarantee that you will experience it. Combining the Northern Lights hunt with an exciting outing, the trip a oppplevelse anyway.


Experience the wonderful Midnight Sun. The midnight sun is a natural phenomenon where the sun does not go below the horizon. In clear weather you can therefore see the sun 24 hours a day.

The season of the midnight sun depends on how far north you are. In Lofoten sessongen for midnight sun from 28 May - 14 July. Go walking in the middle of the night and let nature show their true colors. The light at night gives the mountains a magical look. Many of the recommended routes is even more exciting at night and in the middle of the night..

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